Recap: DesignMeets… HealthCare

Convergence of Design and HealthCare

A ground swell“, “an energy and excitement about a new way of looking at health care“, “the of emergence of a new practice“… these are just some of the terms that guests of the DesignMeets… HealthCare event, are using to describe the convergence of design and health care in Ontario. The event captured this energy, drawing a diverse crowd of designers, professors, physicians, administrators, architects, consultants, students and more, who congregated, conversed, and will soon collaborate around the challenges of health care and design.

The evening began with new and familiar faces gathering with drinks in hand, chatting around the interesting and innovative work that is happening in health care around Ontario. This led nicely into talks led by some of our guests. Hosts Ian Chalmers and Paolo Korre, kicked off the conversation by discussing the need to integrate design into traditional health care, and the value of meeting as a community.

Jennifer Rosart (Innovation Coordinator at Sick Kids), challenged us to rethink the term “design”, and whether is it actually really misunderstood and a stumbling block for the design practice within health care.

Bonnie Tang (Master’s Student from University of Toronto) shared the process of developing interactive information and gaming for children undergoing unfamiliar and terrifying procedures.

Josina Vink (Service Designer, Mayo Clinic, CAMH) talked about what it has taken for the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s most innovative health care institutions, to build a practice of design and innovation, and how the challenges they face are analogous to those in Ontario.

Dr. Howard Abrams (Divisional Head of General Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai and UHN, Executive Director at the Centre for Innovation in Complex Care) gave the audience  a glimpse into the incredibly busy average day of a GIM physician, and the challenges they face when trying to integrate new practices like design. Dr. Abrams also helped frame the value and need for improving experience of patients, pointing out that the experience of care is the care.

WIth fresh with new ideas, information and the business cards of many of our colleagues, we left the event inspired and eager for what is next…

What’s Next?

What’s next is that we want to keep this momentum going. We want to help drive change and bring design and design thinking into health care. How do we do this? Well let’s start off with this short survey to see where YOU think we should go with this. And, as always, the table is open to any who are interested in hosting the next event..! Drop us a line…

Stay tuned for videos of this event.

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