DesignMeets… 2013

Hello DesignMeets peeps, we hope you’ve all settled in nicely to 2013!

When we last met it was in the aftermath of the Toronto DesignThinkers event and we were tossing around ideas and getting geared up for a new year full of “something different”. Well, we’re happy to say we’ve got it!

Here’s the line-up of some DesignMeets themes that we have in the works for this year:

  • DesignMeets… Healthcare – Designing the healthcare experience from architecture and spaces to mobile apps and personal informatics, how can design help make a more patient-centered healthcare experience?
  • DesignMeets… Business – Is it strategy first then design or the other way around? When is it okay to have design “added-on” vs. “built-in”. Bridging the gap between the suits and the creatives.
  • DesignMeets… Government & Policy – Can design be used as a way to bring “the voice of the people” to policy-makers? Or should it work the other way around?

On top of that we may also throw in a couple “mini-Meets”, including one at the newly renovated McLuhan Coach House in Toronto.

If 2010 was about starting something new, 2011 was about helping people make meaningful connections in the industry, and 2012 became about keeping the momentum going. Now 2013 is about bridging the gap between design and other industries. It’s not just about design as a creative field anymore — we know design can be used as a tool for social and cultural change and, of course, for innovation. So now let’s make design accessible to experts in other professional spheres. Let’s keep the momentum from 2012 going and spill out into other disciplines of thought to really get down and dirty.

Ultimately DesignMeets is about bringing people together to talk, share and hopefully bring about positive solutions. Without people we have no ‘meet’. So what are your thoughts? Got an idea for a theme? Want to run your own meet-up event? We’d be absolutely thrilled to meet you!

Hit us up with your thoughts and let’s keep the conversation going here, on twitter, facebook and on linkedin.