Recap: DesignMeets… DesignThinkers 2012

A Passionate Affair

On this rainy November evening we put on our fancy shoes and set out to run our eleventh DesignMeets event! Cocktails in hand and a back-pocket-ful of tweets and nuggets of insight from the 2-day DesignThinkers event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it shaped up to be a very intimate evening with some pretty interesting people — not all of them designers which is what we like to see!

The overall response was that DT12 was, as usual, an incredibly inspiring event (kudos to RGD Ontario for putting this event on every year!). But we found another common thread in the discussions we had that night: Designers are passionate about getting their clients to “get it”.

“We want our clients to focus on the message and not just the money.” said one impassioned guest.

Since this is something we have been mulling over for quite some time here at DesignMeets, it seems now is the perfect opportunity to breach the subject… DesignMeets will be doing something new next year. 

Changes to Look Forward to…

We want to make these meet-ups not just about designers coming together to talk design, we want to get business, government, and technology involved. Let’s show them how design and design thinking can help. Yes, design can improve your ROI. Yes, design can increase conversions. No, design is not the same as marketing. Yes, we make the world a better place. Well, we can! Let’s show them that design is not just for the Apple’s and the Umbra’s of the world. Design is for every business, every industry, large or small.

Stay tuned for an announcement for our next event to be held in 2013.

See photos from this event on flickr.