The DesignMeets are mixers that focus on interdisciplinary collaboration between local designers…

But the real value comes from the conversations that filter through the events and make their way into the world afterwards. Events involve local speakers who share their perspectives on a theme. The format of each event varies upon the theme and the venue, and audience participation is key to establishing the community connection.

Our mission is to strengthen the value of design by facilitating conversations between Canadian critical-design-thinkers and non-design-organizations.

DesignMeets are Free!

We rely on generous sponsors and hosts to help organize the events. If you are interested in co-hosting an event with us or if you’d like to sponsor the next DesignMeets in your area drop us a line.

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DesignMeets is an initiative of Pivot Design Group

We are a Canadian design firm located in Toronto. We help organizations navigate through complex choices using our informed design process.

One of our overarching principles is that we should bring joy through meaningful design. DesignMeets is an outlet of this very idea. We believe that collaborating with others is part of what makes design what it is. Even the act of having a conversation opens you up to hearing new points of view. So, with DesignMeets, we hope to meet other designers with varied perspectives in order to exchange ideas through dialogue and strengthen the overall Canadian design perspective.

Got Questions?

Toronto Contact

Iffat Jokhio (that’s pronounced “If-fut Jo-key-yo”) believes that there is a well-thought out design solution to every problem. Eager to learn and immerse herself in her work, she has confidence that the combination of research and design knows no bounds. As a designer, project manager, and design researcher at Pivot Design Group she has worked with clients both small and large and enjoys sharing with them the user experience design and creative process.

Find her on LinkedIn or follow her sometimes Tweets @hererighthere.

Ottawa Contact

Michael Grigoriev is a design strategist figuring out how design will play a larger role in catalyzing social change. His varied experience includes an award-winning background in product design, UX research and strategy, and has worked with an array of clients ranging from industry leading corporations to start-ups and environmental non-profits. His entrepreneurial spirit has seen him launch a start-up and always leave him tinkering, making and scheming.

His experiences and social conscience have led to a greater appreciation for the role and responsibility design should have in the world’s more pressing challenges, as well as his role within this new landscape. A recently minted Master of Design, he’s armed with a broad range of abilities and perspectives and is doing his part to spread an agenda of building creative community and making design matter with his work and research. Michael has shared these thoughts at speaking engagements around the world, and locally co-organizes his CreativeMornings and DesignMeets chapters in Ottawa.

Find him on LinkedIn, Twitter @grigonometry or check out Michael’s website: intellectivedesign.com