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BREAKING: A story trends on Twitter, Buzzfeed or Facebook. You read it in the morning paper or it appears on the nightly news. Do you “like it” or “share it”, comment on it or turn up the volume? How do you consume your news?

Technology is in constant flux. Todays news comes from diverging sources and through multiple touch-points. But how has the content changed to keep up with the audiences’ needs? Is there a lack of innovation in the field?

How does design thinking play a role in connecting people to their content?

Let’s discuss at the next #designmeets


  • Each speaker will have about 5 minutes to present ideas using just 5 images.
  • A Q&A panel period will follow the talks.
  • Then stay on to mix & mingle over snacks and refreshments.


Event Speakers

Join DesignMeets… to hear industry professionals and design thinkers talk about how we can transform news for the new frontier of digital consumption. Can we maintain the ethics and principles of good journalism or do we let it all go?

Craig Saila


Digital Design Director at The Globe and Mail

Craig Saila specializes in online news media with a unique focus on creating engaging products and user experiences for content-rich sites. As The Globe and Mail’s Director of Reader Experience, he has, among other things, designed its mobile portfolio and overseen the development of its digital subscription efforts. Prior to that, he lead the web design and development team for NBC News’s network of sites.

Topic: When everyone’s giving you an excuse to click on the next incredible headline, what would happen if a news site slowed things down and gave people room to really understand the world around them?

Link: Craig on LinkedIn@saila

John McKenna


Executive Producer, Television News CHCH

John McKenna has been the Executive Producer of News for CHCH TV for the past 16 years. Prior to going to Hamilton, John worked as a news producer for the CBC in Alberta (working in both Edmonton and Calgary), CTV News in Toronto, and at Toronto Global News. 32+ years in all. John has also taught broadcast journalism at four different colleges, and lectured at numerous universities.

Topic: The metaphysics and epistemology of digital newsroom reinvention

Link: John on LinkedIn@singlemalts

Spencer Walsh


Executive Producer, CBC at CBC

Spencer has worked in digital news for 14 years. As an Executive Producer, he is responsible for CBC News digital strategy around products including apps, website and CMS. Previously he helped lead the digital news desk at the Toronto Star.

Topic: Building sustainable news products that serve audience

Link: Spencer on LinkedIn@SpencerGWalsh

Duncan Clark

d-clark<a href=

Vice President, Digital at St. Joseph Media

Duncan Clark leads one of North America’s most successful and award-winning magazine digital operations at St. Joseph Media. After starting his career as a reporter and editor, he turned his attention to product and has led media launches and relaunches from Vancouver to Toronto, from magazines to newspapers to websites to apps. Prior to joining St. Joseph, Duncan founded Postmedia Labs and was VP Digital at National Post.

Topic: Reframing and democratizing news value

Link: Duncan on LinkedIn@gduncanclark

John Lorinc


John Lorinc is a Toronto journalist who writes about urban issues for Spacing, The Globe and Mail, and The Walrus. He is author of four books including The Ward: The Life and Loss of Canada’s First Immigrant Enclave (2015).

Topic: Reporting in the digital age: what’s changed and what hasn’t?

Link: @johnlorinc


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