DesignMeets… 2014

DM New Years Post 2014

Welcome to 2014!

We hope you’ve had a restful holiday and are back refreshed and ready for 2014.

2013 was a pivotal year for us, as we began to bridge the gap between design and other industries, such as HealthCare, Government, and Professional Services. You can view a recap for each event on our blog.

This coming year, we will be continuing conversations sparked in 2013, as well as presenting new DesignMeets themes. We have some really exciting events scheduled for this year and we’re looking forward to seeing you and sharing ideas.

What’s Next?

Ultimately DesignMeets is about bringing people together to talk, share and hopefully bring about positive solutions. Without people we have no ‘meet’. So what are your thoughts? Got an idea for a theme? Want to run your own DesignMeets event? We’d be happy to meet and treat you to some of our famous Pivot pastries!

Hit us up with your thoughts and let’s keep the conversation going here, on twitterfacebook and on linkedin.

As always, feel free to drop us a line — — or stop by the studio, the door is always open.