Recap: DesignMeets… User Experience in the Age of Sustainability

With the heat building and the sun shining down on our little corner of Toronto at the George Brown School of Design, we were so pleased with the turn out of interaction designers, strategic planners, visual designers, and sustainability enthusiasts (to name a few). Author, Kem-Laurin Kramer spoke passionately about growing the role of sustainability in the design world and ways that we as designers can influence designed experiences to create products and services that are not only built to endure, but also built to evolve and adapt to the needs of users and audiences.

After the presentation, we broke out into a Question and Answer session with three probes as the basis of the dialogue. Check out the questions and a brief video of some of the dialogue below. See photos here.

  1. Should we, as designers form a closer affinity to the Sustainability movement? To what end?
  2. How can we engage with users in the quest for more conscious design?
  3. We must design with the future generations in mind. What are some things you plan to change to meet this end?

The response gathered from people afterwards was that we were all itching for more — more conversation about how we can each do a little bit of thinking to bring sustainability practices into our working roles, more insights into case studies and situations that we can take and adapt into our own worlds, and more inspiration to think outside the box and sustain through business and practice using the best means possible. Everybody’s brains were buzzing with questions at the end of the evening and proof of the audience satisfaction was that Kem-Laurin sold every single copy of her book!

We’d like to extend a huge thank you the George Brown School of Design for donating their space to us for the event. And again, thank you to everyone who attended — let’s keep the sustainability conversation going and see if we can collectively make a difference to the way we think as designers and creators of the world around us.

Until next time..!

Pivot Design Group, host