Recap: DesignMeets… Meaningful Design (Design Pertinent)

The 80 guests, speakers and interested designers were happy and had only good things to say about the event. Many people were interested in attending more DM events — which we like — and we even had some guests volunteer to be hosts for next time — which we love! If you happen to be one of those people, please drop us a line at so that we can chat. We’d love to hear your ideas!

As he flew in from New York specifically for our event, a lot of people were excited to see and hear Marty Odlin, from Bamboo Bike Studio, speak about the idea of building your own bamboo bike. The other speakers, Mikes Giles, part-owner and lead designer of design build shop Furni; Joel Blair of Detraform; Jonathan Belisle, Founder of Hello, Architekt! and UX Director at Iweb Inc.; and Luce Beaulieu, Co-founder of Perennia, were also amazing and so inspiring! We love to see such a range of talented and impassioned designers come together to share their insights.

Due to popular demand we have some free downloads for you this time around:

Download the poster

Download the presentations


Many thanks to our generous sponsors and a heartfelt special mention to Kate Caldwell of UX Research and Consulting. And, of course, a great big thank you to the host, Daniel Mireault of Station C, who did an amazing job of coordinating, designing and planning the entire event. Here’s what he had to say,

It was a great experience organizing the first DesignMeets in Montreal. Thanks for the opportunity! 😉

Check back soon for a short video of this event.