Recap: DesignMeets Efficiency


Efficiency in work ethic, efficiency in mind, efficiency in form, and efficiency in space — these were just a few of the topics of conversation at Wednesday’s Design Meet in Waterloo. With the the hors d’ouevres making rounds, and the bar a-buzz with conversation, Waterloo designers had lots to say that night!

Bob Barlow-Busch (or Becubed as he is fondly known) touched upon the idea of designing for others by designing for yourself.

“Be a designer, be a builder, be a narcissist, be laser-focussed, and don’t just be boring!”


In her presentation on efficiency in lifestyle design, Advanced Yoga Instructor Asia Nelson explored the art of efficiency in tapping our deepest and richest resources – ourselves.

“What happens when we apply the same ideas to our lifestyles that we apply to our art and work?”


Design for less, was the underlying theme in Graham Whiting‘s 5 slides. Using examples from architectural spaces and infographics he asked how we as designers can move toward less? How can we be anti-viral? How do we find the tipping point that moves in the opposite direction towards simplicity, clarity, even modesty?


Brock Hart, of Machteld Faas Xander, ended the line-up of talks with the thought that design is in the messiness. By being messy and understanding the finer details we are in essence being efficient.

“It’s more efficient to consider more of a whole than to just take things at face value and make assumptions…”

Thanks again to all who came out! Let’s do it again soon, Waterloo.

See more photos of the event here.