What’s up for 2015!

DesignMeets’ 5-year anniversary is coming up!

It all started in November of 2010 with a mission to connect and strengthen the Canadian design community in an informal setting and around a range of topics. From “Design-trepreneurship” to “Design and Healthcare”, we’ve now met to discuss 12 different themes!

Now in 2015, we’re evolving our mission to reflect the always changing economy of design…

Large organizations now recognize the benefits of a design process and, as a result, are building internal design teams. Canadian design firms are being disassembled, merged, or bought out by organizations to the South and overseas. Bad news, you say?

On the contrary! This is great news for our industry — it proves the value of a disciplined, design process.

But it also creates pressure for designers to have a broader, more multi-disciplinary set of skills. It’s not enough to do one thing well. It is now expected that a designer is the be all end all, capital P and S, Problem Solvers of the world. Again, it’s not a bad thing to have this reputation, but it does set some false standards… A design process is only as good as the team behind it.

We’re planning a series of events this year to articulate the design process as the voice of reason and the “outside-in” perspective that all industries need to forge forward.

Our mission is to strengthen the value of design by facilitating conversations between Canadian critical-design-thinkers and non-design-organizations.

In 5 years, momentum hasn’t slowed and the feedback is always unanimous: “We want more!” And that’s just what we plan to deliver.



Upcoming Events

Join us to discuss design themes in the usual DM format (5-images, 5-minutes per speaker + mixer)…

Spring: DesignMeets… Journalism

Summer: DesignMeets… Financial Service Design

Fall: DesignMeets… Future Fiction

How to Register?

Sign-up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events. Tickets will be released 2-3 weeks in advance of each event. They go quickly so, as always, please register responsibly!

Interested in hosting or speaking? Drop us a line why don’tcha! rsvp@pivotdesigngroup.com

– Keep design thinking, people!